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Animal study data collection is facilitated via LABCAT's Report Manager Utility

Report Manager Utility

The Report Manager Utility provides researchers with a robust tool to mine animal study data in additional depth in a particular study or cross-studies.

Key Product Features

  • Accessibility to all study data on the local LABCAT server
  • Flexible graphing capabilities, allowing you to combine datasets and types
  • Cross-study reporting functionality, allowing you to pool data from more than one study
  • Powerful data mining by writing and executing custom SQL queries
  • Task manager viewer allows you to plan your experiments
  • Sort your entire database by study-critical factors, like test drugs or tumor models
  • Complete tracking and analytics capability
  • Administrator tools for enhanced control

Animal Study Data Reporting Capabilities

  • Seamless exporting to MS Excel, TIBCO Spotfire, GraphPad Prism, SigmaPlot, and other data analysis packages for sophisticated data mining and graphing capability
  • File format support for 3rd party packages (e.g., ASCII, MS Word, MS Excel, CSV, RPT, DIF, XLS, HTML, ODBC, RTF, text and XML)


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