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Pathology in Animal Studies

The LABCAT module for animal study pathology enables pathologists to record, tabulate and analyze data relating to microscopic observations, and to establish correlations with gross observations found at necropsy.

Software Details for Pathology in Animal Studies

  • Correlations of gross-to-micro observations easily facilitated
  • Completeness checks to ensure full data collection
  • Flexible work flow, allowing data entry by tissue or by animal
  • User-defined lists allow for custom reporting of tissue data
  • Tracking of data for both protocol and non-protocol tissues
  • NEW!  Image management allows digital images to be stored with qualitative observations and commentary
  • Resource management to keep track of study materials
  • Seamless integration with the LABCAT In-LifeNecropsy Records, and Clinical Pathology modules, allowing you to access protocols, studies and animal data generated from other modules.

Animal Study Pathology Reporting Capabilities

  • Standardized reporting: tabulated animal data, individual fate data, gross/micro correlations, z analysis for PETO, summary of findings for animal, and tissue lists
  • Seamless exporting to MS Excel, TIBCO Spotfire, GraphPad Prism, SigmaPlot, and other data analysis packages for sophisticated data mining and graphing capability
  • File format support for 3rd party packages (e.g., ASCII, MS Word, MS Excel, CSV, RPT, DIF, XLS, HTML, ODBC, RTF, text and XML)

Study Support for Pathology in Animal Studies

This module can accommodate single- or both-sex studies with:

  • Unlimited dose groups per sex
  • Unlimited animals per dose group
  • Unlimited animals per sex
  • Unlimited protocol or non-protocol tissues per animal
  • Unlimited findings per tissue

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