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LABCAT Technical Support

Ongoing support for LABCAT users is available through our comprehensive Software Support Package (SSP). Subscription to the SSP includes:

Technical Assistance

Our staff is ready to assist with any questions or problems. Users can call our support number (toll-free in North America), or contact us via e-mail.

Software Maintenance Updates

We are always listening to our clients in order to improve system performance and incorporate functional modifications. These revisions, issued as Software Maintenance Updates, provide SSP subscribers with the most up-to-date, accurate software versions available.

Software Enhancement Updates

LABCAT users frequently give us worthwhile suggestions for new features, new reports or ways to make our software even more user-friendly. We try to implement noteworthy ideas as soon as possible and distribute new releases as Software Enhancement Updates. In this way users can benefit quickly from the improved functionality, system capacity, and compliance with changing GLP guidelines that the updates provide.

Online Troubleshooting and Online Personal Training

LABCAT will set up on-line support sessions to provide technical support and to provide individual training at any time as a supplement or refresher to previous training sessions. Using online conferencing software, and with the client’s permission, we can remotely take control of a user’s computer and demonstrate how to set up protocols, collect data, and generate reports. Likewise, we can remotely resolve technical problems, often within minutes of a client’s call to our support desk.


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