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Animal Study Tumor Measurement and Tracking

The LABCAT module for Animal Study Tumor Measurement and Tracking collects, evaluates, and reports data related to the measurement and tracking of xenograft and orthotopic tumors in preclinical oncology studies. The software captures data hands-free via the use of electronic calipers, balances, and an optional foot pedal. Watch our 2-minute video overview.

Software Features

  • Data storage in a Microsoft SQL database preserves data integrity
  • Electronic capture enables rapid and secure collection of study data
  • Protocol driven, with user-defi­ned study parameters and tasks (e.g., body weights, tumor measurements, test articles, clinical observations, etc.)
  • Drug dose calculations performed for you
  • Hardware integration for balances (Ohaus, Sartorius, Mettler, etc), electronic calipers (Fowler, Mitutoyo, etc.), ID readers (RapID, Avid, BioMedic, Pharmaseq p-Chips, etc.)
  • Automatic randomization to perform group assignments based on body weight, tumor area/volume, delta tumor volume, or any numeric value and/or user-defi­ned formula
  • Graphical display of mass locations and sizes, including mass development history
  • Imaging integration with pixel analysis functionality
  • Data collection scheduling with shared calendars and completeness checks
  • Optional GLP-adherent audit trails and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Administrator-defi­ned security access allowing multiple user groups and concurrent studies to collect data, definable by study

Animal Study Tumor Measurement and Tracking – Reporting Capabilities

  • Standardized reporting with full suite of statistical tests
  • Built-in tumor specific statistics such as T/C, log cell kill, volume doubling time, tumor growth delay, etc.
  • Graphical templates for body weights, tumor volumes and survival plots
  • Seamless exporting to MS Excel, TIBCO Spotfire, GraphPad Prism, SigmaPlot, and other data analysis packages for sophisticated data mining and graphing capability
  • Easily exports to many different formats (e.g., ASCII, MS Word, MS Excel, CSV, RPT, DIF, XLS, HTML, ODBC, RTF, text and XML)


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