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Staggered Starts

Q: Can LABCAT be used to run a staggered start protocol, where individual animals can begin study phases at different times?

A:  Yes, LABCAT supports staggered start protocols by allowing the user to select individual study phase start dates for each animal. LABCAT will keep track of the study day for each animal and schedule data collection tasks accordingly.

Data Blinding

Q: Can you blind technicians to previous observations or conditions with LABCAT?

A: There are a couple of approaches you can take for the purpose of blinding in LABCAT modules—dictionary entries for items like drug names can be edited during the course of a study. For example, details within a dictionary entry for a hypothetical “Test Drug A” can be deliberately left empty until after dosing and data collection. These details about the drug can then be input and saved after data collection, allowing the user to run reports “unblinded.”